A Tip A Day — Python Tip #12: Using zfill() for ‘0’ padding | Dev Skrol

zfill() function is type of padding function.

This function fills only with ‘0’. Takes the resultant width of the string as argument.

This is useful to pad a numeric string values.

string = "10" 



A Realtime scenario of usage:

In some of the applications we may have a 5 digit numeric string to represent any ID.

In that case, we can pad with zeros for the desired length of the string and do the increment by 1 (convert to int and increase 1).

ID = "15" 
ID = ID.zfill(5)
print("Original ID:" + ID)
next_ID = str(int(ID)+1).zfill(5)
print("Next ID:" + next_ID)


Original ID:00015 
Next ID:00016

I hope you enjoyed learning various types of split functions in python.

Lets explore more about Python in future tips.

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Originally published at https://devskrol.com on October 17, 2021.



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